#090 – Mt. Beidawu 北大武山 – 3,091m

Make no mistake, the low elevation and southerly location of this “top 5” mountain belie the true difficulty of Mt. Beidawu (北大武山).

Standing at barely over 3,000m, Mt. Beidawu is by far the most southerly of all Bai Yue, and the most easily accessible Bai Yue for hikers in the south of Taiwan.

Aboriginals in the area regard it as a sacred mountain, whose ancestors’ souls belonged to and where and the birthplace of the tribe was founded.

While the word “epic” is often thrown around too frequently, it can be assuredly said that the sunrises and cloud-seas on this peak are truly epic, and some of the best in Taiwan.

This peak, depending on a hiker’s fitness can be climbed in 1,2, or 3 days. There is a cabin near the peak that can be used for lodging, and the 1 day route is only for the ultra fit.

Resources for hiking Mt. Beidawu 北大武山:

  • For more information on Mt. Beidawu (北大武山), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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