#091 – Mt. Xiluanda 西巒大山 – 3,085m

With its dilapidated weather station and observation deck, the peak of Mt. Xiluanda (西巒大山) offers some of the best views in Southern Taiwan.

This isolated peak is located just off a famous historical forest road used for logging by the Japanese during their colonization of Taiwan.

Due to the conditions of the road leading to the trailhead, high clearance 4×4 vehicles are required to get to the trailhead for this easily climbable Bai Yue.

Generally, this peak is climbed as a 1 day hike. For the more adventurous hiker, there is an ancient Japanese logging station behind the peak that can be camped at, where hikers can see remnants of an indoor greenhouse, a shrin, and a work station for the loggers who used to work here.

Due to the short length of this hike, it is often paired with Mt. Junda, which is another Bai Yue that is located nearby, on a separate forest road.

Resources for hiking Mt. Xiluanda 西巒大山:

  • For more information on the Junda-Xiluanda Peaks (郡西巒大), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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