#092 – Mt. Liwuzhu 立霧主山 – 3,071m

Mt. Liwuzhu (立霧主山) at 3,701m and on the Qilai East Route, is notable for the marble campsite located just below the peak.

Located roughly in the middle of the Qilai East RIdge, hikers will need to make a stop-off at Pingan Pond (平安池) to filter and fetch water, before camping “Marble Camp” (大理石營地) just below the peak.

Once summited, hikers will need to complete a technical cliff/rope section on the backside before traversing some of the thickest, wettest, densest bamboo trails in Taiwan.

Resources for hiking Mt. Liwuzhu 立霧主山:

  • For more information about the Qilai East Ridge (奇萊東稜), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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