#094 – Mt. Andongjun 安東軍山 – 3,066m

Mt. Andongjun (安東軍山) is located on the North Third Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北三段), also known as the Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍). This peak is one-half of the namesake of the route and is the last Bai Yue summited on the route at the end of the 4th day.

Hikers will need to drop their packs at the base of this peak and do a short two-hour round trip hike to get up and down this peak, before descending down to the riverbed, and out to the trailhead the following (5th/last) day of this route.

Resources for hiking Mt. Andongjun 安東軍山:

  • For more information on this peak, please check out the North Third Section (北三段)/Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍). (Coming Soon)

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