#095 – Mt. Guangtou 光頭山 – 3,060m

Mt. Guangtou (光頭山) is located on the North Third Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北三段), also known as the Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍).

This peak is the second peak usually summited on the third day of this five day route (with Mt. Nenggao South Peak (能高南峰) being summited earlier in the day, and is located at the end a beautiful grass ridgeline.

After this peak, hikers will need to descend down a small rocky cliff with ropes, before spending their third night at Baishi Pond (白石池).

The campsite at this pond is particularly famous for being the most reliable and famous spot in Taiwan to view dozens of Formosan Sambar Deer, the largest deer species on the island. Sightings are almost 100% guaranteed.

Resources for hiking Mt. Guangtou 光頭山:

  • For more information on this peak, please check out the North Third Section (北三段)/Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍). (Coming Soon)

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