#096 – Mt. Yangtou 羊頭山 – 3,033m

Located on a saw-blade shaped ridge deep in the Taroko Gorge, Mt. Yangtou (羊頭山), this “sheep’s head” shaped mountain is the birthplace of Taiwan’s Bai Yue.

What makes this peak particularly special is that the founding fathers of Taiwan’s Bai Yue held their inaugural meeting on this peak, which despite it’s low altitude, makes it one of the most historically significant Bai Yue.

Often paired with Mt. Bilu, this Bai Yue can be climbed in 1 day via a steep 1000m uphill slog, or over the famous “Saw Blade Ridge” as a circular route to include Mt. Bilu.

This peak is a popular route for hikers who want to combine Taiwan’s famous Taroko gorge with two of it’s easier Bai Yue.

Resources for hiking Mt. Yangtou 羊頭山:

  • For more information on the Bilu-Yangtou Ridge (畢羊縱走), please click here. (Coming Soon)

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