#099 – Mt. Liushun 六順山 – 3,009m

Not located on any traditional hiking route in Taiwan, and previously graded at under 3,000m, Mt. Liushun (六順山) was the last high mountain to be selected for the list of the Bai Yue.

In 1960, on the 60th anniversary of the Republic of China, two hiking teams started at opposite ends of Taiwan, in an attempt to traverse the entire Central Mountain Range.

The two teams met near Mt. Liushun and added it as the final 100th peak, formally completing the list of the Bai Yue.

While this peak can be accessed from the east or west side, it’s generally considered much easier to hike, mountain bike, or be driven (via aboriginal motorbikes) up the 70+ kilometer Danda Forest Road.

As a bonus, hikers will have the privilege of viewing “7 Color Lake” (Qicai Lake (七彩湖), which is arguably more beautiful than the more popular and commonly accessed Jiaming Lake.

Resources for hiking Mt. Liushun 六順山:

  • For more information about Mt. Liushun (六順山), please click here.(Coming Soon)

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