Surfing in Jinshan (金山)

Jinshan District (金山區) is located 44km northeast of Taipei (臺北市) in New Taipei City (新北市). Famous for its seafood, sweet potatoes, and hot springs, Jinshan (also the name of the largest town in this area) is also known for its beautiful coastlines and surfing spots.

Syakaro Historic Trail (霞喀羅古道)

The Syakaro Historic Trail is one of Taiwan’s National Trails and is truly one of the most iconic historic trails in the country. Winding its way for 22km across a remote corner of Hsinchu County, the Syakaro Historic Trail connects indigenous villages in Wufeng Township (五峰鄉) and Jiansshi Townships (尖石鄉). For the adventurous traveler, Syakaro…

Surfing in Wai’ao (外澳)

Surfing in Wai’ao (外澳) is a popular outdoor activity. The beach is framed by rocky outcrops, the Coastal Mountains, and Turtle Island (龜山島).

SUP Boarding in Fulong (福隆)

With a perfect launch, stunning landscapes, and easy accessibility from Taipei, Fulong (福隆) has become a popular destination for SUP Boarding.

SUP Boarding in Longdong (龍洞)

The coastlines around Longdong are some of the most spectacular in Northern Taiwan. With the area’s crystal clear waters, rugged coastline or distinct sandstone cliffs, there are seemingly endless outdoor adventures available in one of Taiwan’s most eastern points. Whether visitors are cycling, hiking, diving or SUP boarding in Longdong; around every twist, turn and…

Hiking Tonghou Traversing Trail (桶後越嶺步道)

Located in the far southeastern area of Wulai District, about 1.5 hours from Taipei City, the Tonghou Traversing Trail (桶後越嶺步道) is one of Taiwan’s most picturesque historic trails. Following the meandering shore of the Tonghou River, the area’s surrounding forests are a lush jungle with a dense underbrush of giant ferns and diverse song birds.…


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