Coastal Cycling: Jinshan-Wanli Bikeway in  New Taipei City

Introduction to the area

Located in the North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area, the Fengzhimen Bikeway welcomes cyclists with distinctive landscapes and a lot of fun. Taiwan’s North Coast is well-endowed with attractions that include cultural, recreational and geological wonders, such as Juming Museum, Guanyinshan and Yeliu Geological Park. But this is an outdoor activity website and we think there’s no better way to enjoy the region than by cycling along the Fengzhimen and Jinshan-Wanli bikeways.

Cycling the 8km Wanli-Jinshan Bikeway (萬里-金山自行車道)

The Wanli-Jinshan Bikeway is a great choice for a leisurely day trip cycling in Taiwan. Located along northern Taiwan’s Wanli and Jinshan Districts, this bikeway offers recreational cyclists a chance to explore beaches, wetlands, coastal hikes and lots of places to stop, sip and eat if that’s their style. In addition to all the chances to stop at the beaches and explore, visitors can enjoy seafood at Shuiwei Fishing Harbor and tasty local snacks at Jinshan Old Street. 

Views from above Zhongjiao Seaside Bay and Visitor Center. (Source)

While a significant portion of this bikeway is on either dedicated bike paths or separated bike lanes there is some riding on roads with traffic (about 1km or so in total). The last 150-200m is on Highway 2 with no bike lane or path. This is a major roadway with lots of truck traffic. If you have young children or those not comfortable riding with traffic, you may wish to get off the bikes and walk,

While some sections are dedicated bike paths, some sections of the Jinshan Wanli Bikeway are simply quiet, paved roads.

Starting the Wanli-Jinshan Bikeway (萬里-金山自行車道)

Starting off from the large parking lot across from Jinshan’s Taipower Second Nuclear Power Plant (台電第二核能發電廠停車場). Connecting directly to the paved trail, head north west for 500m before you enter a small residential area. Follow road markings and/or GPX, but note there are a few nice beach access points here (maybe worth a swim in the ocean on your way back!).

Some very picturesque cycling with long stretches very suitable for young children.

Cycling in Taiwan offers so many great experiences and the Wanli-Jinshan Bikeway (萬里-金山自行車道) is no different. This next kilometer or so is a partially covered forest lined section that winds through the wood. Turn left at the bridge. You can go straight if you want to access the beach, but this just leads to a dead end.

Visit Hiking Trails, Fishing Harbors & Old Streets

Continue riding across a small cycling/pedestrian bridge before arriving in commercial district around the east side Shitoushan Park (獅頭山公園). A short ride further brings you into the Shuiwei Fishing Harbor (水尾漁港). There are some amazing seafood restaurants worth stopping at here (bring a bike lock if you intend too). There is also some fantastic hiking trails in Shitoushan Park including Lion’s Head Mountain Park Trail (獅頭山公園步道). It’s also a pretty animated place with many people driving, walking and of course cycling.

You’ll have you double back, cycling on road with traffic towards the Jinshan Visitor Center (金山遊客中心). Stay left on Huangguan Road for 500m before turning left onto a road that crosses Huangqing Bridge. You’ll now cycling a separated bike lane through the scenic Qingshui Wetlands (金山清水濕地).

Approaching the Huangqing Bridge there is a section of on-road cycling with a separated bike lane.

A short section along a quiet rural road brings cycling out onto Highway 2. Before you get to the highway you will see the Zhongjiao Seaside Bay Visitor Center (中角灣遊客中心) Get off the bike and walk or ride if you’re comfortable. A short distance away is Zhongjiao Seaside Park (中角海濱公園) and some road cafes and great places to watch the ocean and coast for an hour. Ride the same way back, making as many stops as you want!

Surfer scene from the shore of Zhongjiao Seaside Bay. There are plenty of surf schools and rental locations nearby. (Source)

All in all, cycling along the Wanli-Jinshan Bikeway is a great way to spend a day traveling in northern Taiwan with scenic cycling, great food and lots to do off the bike like hiking, swimming and exploring.

Riding Overview:

  • Duration: Varies between 45 minutes to 2 hours
  • Distance: 7.9km (one-way)
  • Cycling on roads in Traffic: 500m
  • Surface: Mix of paved path, wooden boardwalk, separated paved bike lane, paved road
  • Difficulty Rating: Easy
  • Route: Out and Back

Map & GPX File

Attractions along Wanli Bikeway

Like we’ve said, when cycling the Wanli-Jinshan Bikeway, there is enough to completely fill out a full day if you want. Go surfing, hike in Shitoushan Park, eat fresh seafood, stroll the old street of Jinshan or simply sit on the beach or a cafe and watch the world go by. One thing is for certain, when cycling in Taiwan there are always surprises right around the corner.

Mountains, ocean and smooth cycling along the Wanli-Jinshan Bikeway

Shuiwei Fishing Harbor – Shuiwei Fishing Harbor has a great vibe with an ambiance of a small fishing village but with lots of great restaurants. One of the local Among the attractions here is the view of the full moon reflected in the mirror-like waters of the harbor. Known as the “floating moon of Shuiwei,” this picturesque scene is counted among the eight scenic wonders of Jinshan. A trail ascends from the harbor to Shitoushan Park, where visitors can enjoy views of the famous Twin Candlestick Islets off the north coast of Taiwan. 

Jinshan Beach (金山海濱浴場) – The golden beaches of crescent-shaped Jinshan Bay attract a steady stream of visitors during the summer. In addition to water activities like swimming or surfing, you can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with all the amenities of the town nearby.

How to Get to Wanli-Jinshan Bikeway

Driving: If you are driving out to the Wanli-Jinshan Bikeway, you can set your directions HERE. This is a free public parking lot and usually has some spots. There is also a washroom available on site. You can also start the trip from Zhongjiao Beach in Wanli.

Public Transportation: Take the 1815 Kuo-Kuang Bus Jinshan line from Taipei Bus Station (44 Stops) for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Folding bicycles and disassemble wheeled bicycles are allowed to bring on to the bus with soft bike bags if the size is 150 cubic inches or less. Non-folding bicycles are allowed to bring on to buses and are charged half the adult fare under the premise that the bus has enough space to carry. Plan according.

Bike Rentals and Bike Service – There are YouBike locations in Jinshan, but availability can not be guaranteed.

Visitor Information 

  • North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration 
    • No. 33-6, Xiayuankeng, Shimen Dist., Demao Village, New Taipei City 
    • (02) 8635-5100 09:00~17:00 

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