Coastal Cycling: Longmen-Yanliao Bikeway in New Taipei City

Introduction to the area

Taiwan’s Northeast Coast has to be one of Taiwan’s most spectacular. The rugged coast line weaves along with scenic capes, picturesque bays, and sea-eroded rock formations that illustrate the challening nature thrown its way. Cyclists can get up close to these coastal wonders on the Longmen-Yanliao Bikeway and the Old Caoling Circle-Line Bikeway. The two connected routes also pass by Fulong, Sandiao Cape Lighthouse, Lailai Geo Area, the Old Caoling Tunnel Bikeway, and other visitor hot spots.

A fun drawing of cyclists and SUP boarders enjoying the great outdoors.

Cycling the Longmen-Yanliao Bikeway (龍門鹽寮自行車道)

Quick Overview: Fulong Railway Station ➜ Longmen Camp Site and Riverside Park ➜ Longmen Suspension Bridge ➜ Yanliao Beach Park (return)

A mini Golden Gate Bridge awaits cyclists who make the effort to travel to Fulong, New Taipei City.

Bicycling the Longmen-Yanliao Bikeway is very family friendly, but fun a lot of fun for anyone looking to get out on two-wheels and explore the Fulong area. This bikeway goes from Fulong Railway Station to Yanliao Beach Park, passing the camping area at Longmen Riverside Park and Longmen Suspension Bridge on the way. Be sure to take your time to enjoy some of the sights along the way. Bring a bathing suit and gear for a day out at the beach.

If you take the extension to Aodi (澳底), beyond Yanliao, you will ride on roads with traffic. Otherwise, 95+% of this cycling experience is on a dedicated and paved bike path. If you have young children or those not comfortable riding with traffic, you may wish to get off the bikes and walk just over the first section on road.

Starting the Longmen-Yanliao Bikeway (龍門鹽寮自行車道)

Starting off from the Fulong Train Station (bike rentals available from several locations right around the station), cyclists can either walk (if they don’t feel comfortable) or ride up to Longmen Campgrounds. Coming straight out of the train station use caution crossing Highway 2 (Xinglong Rd) and continue on Fulong Street until the end. You’ll see a path on the left and you can continue on this until you reach the bridge connecting to Fulong Beach (福隆海水浴場). Just to the right of the bridge, you’ll see a staircase down the oceanside bike path.

Fulong Train Station with bike rentals located just outside the station.

Enjoy about 1km of beautiful views off to the right over the mouth of Shuangxi River and Fulong Beach before riding up to the Longmen Suspension Bridge. Pedal over this epic suspension bridge that spans nearly 140m over the Shuang River.

Once you’ve crossed you descend down to the ground level and continue through a coastal dunes and low vegetation ecosystem heading north. There is a single fork in the trail shortly after coming off the bridge. Either way is fine and will reconnect to the main trail another few hundred meters along. Cross a quiet road and connect to the main trail. If you turn left on this roadway, it continues down to a beach access point.

Continue cycling on this northern Taiwan bike path for another uninterrupted 2km before arriving back onto Highway 2. A short pedal on a separated bike path takes you to Yanliao Beach (鹽寮海水浴場) and the end of this bikeway.

The Longmen-Yanliao Bikeway is a well-maintained paved bike path that hugs the coastlines and rivers edge in New Taipei City.

Arriving in Yanliao Beach 鹽寮海水浴場 you can stop off at Blue Bay Park Coffeeshop to pick up a cold drink and some snacks to head down to the beach and chill. Washrooms available on site. For the more adventurous, continue along Highway 2 on a separated bike lane (shared with scooters) for an additional 4km towards the village of Aodi (澳底) for a fantastic seafood lunch or to simply explore the fishing harbor and shops.

Visit White Sand Beaches, Paddle a SUP Board or Go Surfing

Cycling back into Fulong along the same route you can decide to ride along the riverside or through Longmen Camp Grounds which takes you right past the Fulong Visitor Center. Lock your bike up here and head inside to check out the local exhibits. Enquire about renting a SUP board, or even a surf board if the waves are out, or simply ride on to grab some food from any one of the many cafes and restaurants in town.

Fulong Beach is a perfect backdrop to this bike trail and its white sands and easy access make it a great place to cool off after a bike ride.

Cycling along the Longmen-Yanliao Bikeway is a great way to spend a day traveling in northern Taiwan with scenic cycling, great food and lots to do off the bike like hiking, swimming and exploring.

Riding Overview:

  • Duration: Varies between 1.5 hours to 3 hours
  • Distance: 5.4km (one-way) / 10.8km return
  • Cycling on roads in Traffic: 150m
  • Surface: Mix of paved path, separated paved bike lane, paved road
  • Difficulty Rating: Easy and suitable for families.
  • Route: Out and Back

Map & GPX File

How to Get to Longmen-Yanliao Bikeway (龍門鹽寮自行車道)

Driving: If you are driving out to the Fulong to cycle the Longmen-Yanliao Bikeway, you can set your directions HERE. This is not a free parking lot, but it is super convenient usually has plenty of parking. There is also a washroom available on site and the visitor center is right next to it.

Public Transportation: Take train from Taipei Main Station to Fulong Station. Taking a bicycle on a train can be confusing with station staff sharing one set of directions that are contradicted by those staff on-train. Generally, non-folding bicycles are allowed on to trains, but may have to be soft-bagged. Sometimes station attendants will ask for you to pay half the adult fare, sometimes full fare for your bike. Enquire at your local station and plan according.

Bike Rentals and Bike Service – There are bike rental locations in Fulong near the train station.

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