Ultimate Guide to Neidong National Forest (內洞圓國家風景區)

Neidong National Forest Recreation Area (內洞國家森林遊樂區) is the closest to Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, and about 4km past the popular Wulai Waterfall (烏來瀑布). With one easy, flat trail and another slightly more challenging connecting trail, Neidong is a perfect family-friendly outdoor destination. With its close proximity to Taipei, this is a fantastic half-day trip that can be added to any visit to Taipei. From hiking trails through a mix of broadleaved and cedar forests, to the stunning river views and raging waterfalls, especially the three-tiered Xìnxián Waterfall.

Xinxian Waterfalls in Neidong National Forest

Less than an 1 1/2 hours south of Taipei and with plenty of beautiful scenery and photo opportunities, as well as great trails to explore, Neidong National Forest is a perfect destination for day trips from Taipei.

Wildlife is abundant in this park including an abundance of birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects are all commonly spotted including multiple kinds of toads and snakes. The region is particularly well known for its abundance of frogs, so keep your eyes out for our leaping friends.

Along the Nanshi River (南勢溪), there are countless smaller waterfalls however the trails at Neidong National Forest lead to the larger and more beautiful waterfalls that make this park worth the journey.

Introduction to Neidong National Forest

Located at an elevation between 230 to 800 meters, Neidong National Forest is nestled deep in the mountains of southern Wulai District (烏來區), New Taipei City (新北市). The climate is warm and humid most of the year, making it a destination where ferns flourish. Visitors will find up to 65 species of ferns along the short Waterfall Viewing Trail. These green guests are not only found along the forests floor. Perched high into the forest canopy, hikers can admire tree ferns that add to the mystique of this lush jungle.

Neidong is sometimes called “Wawa Valley” (娃娃谷). This name refers to the echoes of frogs visitors can hear croaking at dusk and into the night. Visitors should keep their eyes out for frogs frequently seen along the main Waterfall Viewing Trail.

Neidong is the smallest of Taiwan’s National Forests, boasting approximately 5km of trails.

Hiking Trails in Neidong National Forest

The three trails located inside this National Forest all connect as a loop and make for just under 5km of hiking. Taking your time, making stops for snacks, rests and enjoying the natural scenery make this a perfect half-day trip from Taipei.

Most of the trails at Neidong National Forest are suitable for beginner hikers, and the Waterfall Viewing Trail is accessible for those with strollers or those who require wheelchairs. What’s more, Neidong National Forest is now a pet-friendly National Forest. A wonderful nature experience for all!

Download the Neidong National Forest Park Map here. 

GPX File for Neidong Trails

Hiking the Waterfall Viewing Trail

1km (one-way) | Linear Two-Way | No Permit Required | Level 1 Difficulty

This trail connects the parking lot, ticketing center, visitor center along a flat, wide trail. This trail is stroller-friendly and the only trail in Neidong that is pet-friendly. There are washrooms located about half-way along this trail. The surface is a mix of hard, compact soil and man-made hard trail. Beautiful views of the Nanshi River and surrounding mountains make this trail a great escape from the urban environments of nearby New Taipei and Taipei cities. Spot fish in the river and if your lucky, Crested Serpent Eagles perched in the trees above looking for an easy meal. There are plenty of spots to stop and rest. This trail typically takes about 1 hour (return) to complete.

Hiking the Forest Bath Trail (XX)

1.7km | Linear Two-Way | No Permit Required | Level 1 Difficulty

The Forest Bath Trail takes approximately 40-50 minutes to complete (one-way). This trail connects the lower observation deck to the end of the Scenic Trail. If visitors are hiking from the Scenic Trail, most of the elevation gains have been completed. The trail surface is mostly compact soil transitioning to wooden and metal steps for the final descent towards the waterfalls. This trail is rated as level 1 difficulty, however, the connecting Scenic Trail does have some switchbacks which can be tiring for beginner hikers.

Hiking the Scenic Trail (自導式步道)

1.5km | Linear Two-Way | No Permit Required | Level 2 Difficulty

Arguably the most difficult trail in Neidong, the trail is the most remote and has the fewest visitors. The trailhead can be found on the left-hand side of the Waterfall Viewing Trail, not far after entering the park at the ticket booth. The trail, mostly compact soil with some wooden steps, begins by climbing a series of switchbacks before straightening out. The total ascent to a forest gazebo is 230m. From the gazebo, the trail connects to the Forest Bath Trail in the southern stretches of this 11,000 hectare park. There is a short out-and-back trail leading to the highest accessible point in the park (551m). This trail also offers fantastic views of the Nanshi River below. It takes an estimate 40-50 minutes for visitors to reach the beginning of the Forest Bath Trail. It’s worth the effort.

Attractions and Services

Ticket Booth / Visitor Center  – The Visitor Center is located adjacent to ticketing booth. The visitor center isn’t so much of a visitor center as it is simply interpretation kiosks. is quite small with limited interpretation on site. Most of this interpretation. There is a public washroom outside the ticketing area. No food services or water refill stations are available in Neidong National Forest. Be prepared with what you need for the visitor.

Waterfalls – The waterfalls of Neidong National Forest are the highlight of this protected area. There are three main waterfall areas within the park. The first visitors will see is Wusha Waterfalls. Visible from the Waterfall Viewing Trail, this waterfall is be viewed after significant rainfall. The other two cascading waterfalls can be viewed from

When To Visit Neidong National Forest

Neidong is open all year round with its gates opening 08:00~17:00 on weekdays and 07:00~17:00 on weekends and holidays. Neidong is a popular destination throughout the year, however, we’d recommend visiting in the late fall (October-December). While the cooler micro-climate can provide some relief in the summer months it can be quite humid. After extensive rainfall the waterfalls are also particularly spectacular.

Weather and Climate in Wulai District

This National Forest Recreation Area is located in a region that is known for it’s humidity. The annual mean temperature of Neidong is about 20°C, however during the summer months of July-August temperatures reach close to 30°C. G.

Click here for weekly weather forecasts for the local area.

Keep this all in mind when you are planning outdoor or hiking trips.

Admission into the National Forest

Ticket prices to get into Neidong National Forest vary depending on age, vehicle and area of the park visitors will be accessing.

Admission Prices:

Ticket TypePrice (NT$)
Full fare Ticket (Weekday)$65
Full fare Ticket (Holiday/Weekend)$80
Half fare Ticket (local resident, military and children 7-12)$40
Group Ticket$65
Discount Ticket (Seniors over 65 and children 3-6)$10

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket gate and online, by making an account with the Forestry Bureau. They also promote a packageTo be honest, the park staff is really friendly and many can speak passable to great English. Purchasing admission at the ticket booth is not a big inconvenience. Visit the Forestry Bureau website for updated ticket information.

How to Get to Neidong National Forest

Neidong is the closest National Forest to Taipei City. The most convenient way to visit is by a personal vehicle/scooter or by booking a private transportation.

Driving to Neidong National Forest

For those wishing to drive to Neidong National Forest, you’ll likely use Google Maps to help you along the way. As a point of reference, travel times from Taipei City will be about 1 hour each way. Traffic on the weekend can get impact driving times, particularly when driving through Xindian. Plan for an additional 20-30 minutes travel time. Use this location as your reference. There is one free parking lot with capacity for about 50 cars.

How to Get to Neidong National Forest by Bus

There is not direct bus service to Neidong National Forest. For visitors looking to use Public Transportation to visit, you will have to take Bus #849 from Xindian MRT to Wulai Terminal Station (this exact bus stop). From here, visitors will have to walk about 1 hour to arrive at the ticketing booth of Neidong National Forest. There are multiple departures every day. While more affordable than booking a driver and vehicle, the travel time is less convenience and limit the amount of time guests have in the park.

Booking Private Transportation

For those interested in visiting Neidong National Forest and wish to hire transportation services, please click on the link.

Book a Tour to Neidong National Forest

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