SUP Boarding in Badouzi (八斗子) & Wanghai Xiang (望海巷)

This article briefly covers the local transportation, attractions, as well as details on SUP Boarding in Badouzi (八斗子) & Wanghai Xiang (望海巷).

Introduction to SUP Boarding in Badouzi

With its rugged, emerald coastline and seemingly endless outdoor adventures available, the northeast coast of Taiwan is one of the most spectacular destinations in Taiwan. Around every twist, turn and corner, there is something for outdoor lovers to enjoy. Nestled in the northeastern coast of Taiwan, Badouzi (八斗子 / Bā Dǒu Zǐ) and Wanghai Xiang (望海巷) are no different. Less than an hour from Taipei, you’ll find an outdoor adventure paradise and a popular destination for SUP boarding. 

Adventurers flock to the Badouzi area, located just east of Keelung City to participate in a range of outdoor recreational activities such as water sports like SUP boarding, swimming, snorkeling, and diving. For those who prefer a drier adventure, the nearby hiking trails lead to great coastal views, hidden waterfalls and lush forests. With its diverse range of outdoor activities and stunning vistas, Badouzi (八斗子) is a must-visit destination for those seeking an exhilarating adventure travel experience in Taiwan. 

Where to go SUP Boarding in Badouzi and Wanghai Xiang

There are many private groups, tours, and individuals who go SUP boarding in Badouzi/Wanghai Xiang throughout the year. There are a few different locations where visitors can enter the water with their SUP board.

While Chaoping Park 潮境公園 is a better entry point for snorkeling and scuba diving, the best entry point to launch SUP boards in the area is actually near the Badouzi Train Station. Between Wanghai Xiang Beach and Wanghai Xiang Fishing Harbour, visitors will find a concrete ramp that descends into the water. At low or high tides, this location gives SUP boarders lots of shallow water to wade in. Depending on the swell, this is an ideal entry spot, but from time-to-time it can get rough, making it more difficult for beginners.

Best Time to Go SUP Boarding in Badouzi and Wanghai Xiang

SUP boarding in Badouzi and Wanghai Xiang mostly takes place between May and October. During this time the water temperatures average 28°C (or around 83℉). That said, during these months visitors will experience Plum Rain season (May-June) and Typhoon season (July-September) in Taiwan, so visitors will have to keep an eye on the local weather and surf forecasts.

During the late springtime (May & June) in Taiwan, water temperatures start to warm up, however, outdoor activities can be impacted by the region’s Plum Rains (​​梅雨). These are typically rainy months or feature periods of rain throughout the day.

While the water temperatures allow for SUP boarding all year, the winter season brings waves to the north and northeast coasts. In some cases, these waves can disrupt a SUP boarding experience. November to April is considered low-season for SUP Boarding in Northern Taiwan and the average ocean water temperatures range between 20-22°C (or  68-72℉). 

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Chaojing Park (潮境公園)

While many water-based activities (Swimming/Snorkeling/Scuba Diving) take place around Chaojing Park (潮境公園), it is a bit of a walk from the best launch spot for SUP. Chaojing Park is located on the east side of the Badouzi Peninsula, covering an area of ​​about 1 hectare. Despite being a 10 minute walk from where you’ll enter the water with your SUP board, the park’s open grassland and numerous pavilions make this area a fantastic site for spending the day out on the coast relaxing or picnicking. Don’t feel up to bringing your own food? Don’t worry about it! Restaurants and bars line the west side of the park and there are often vendors selling food.


When you’re not in the water or hiking the local trails, sit and enjoy the views and the breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean. In addition to enjoying the ocean views, grab a mask and check out the coastal geology and ocean ecologically of the surrounding waters of Fanzai’ao Bay. To the east is the rocky outcrop of Elephant Rock (深澳象鼻岩), another popular SUP boarding destination in Northern Taiwan.

How to Get to Badouzi and Wanghai Xiang

How to Get to Badouzi and Wanghai Xiang by Car

The best parking for those wishing to go SUP boarding in Badouzi is here. There is limited parking and no washrooms are available. This is only a 5-minute walk to the SUP launch location.

From Taipei Main Station, Chaojing Park (潮境公園) is 35km away and would take approximately 30-45 minutes driving during typical traffic periods. You can expect this time to increase with weekend or holiday traffic. There is both free and paid parking option from Chaojing Park. It is a 10-minute walk from Badouzi Train Station. If you decide to park here, you can use these driving directions from Taipei Main Station LINK. While there is sufficient parking available around Chaojing Park, on busy weekends, the walk to the park may be longer.

How to Get to Badouzi and Wanghai Xiang by Public Transportation

Badouzi is relatively well serviced by public transportation and should take between 1 hour to around 2 hours depending on the time of day, route you take, and form of transportation you decide on. 

One of the most convenient routes is the 1579 bus (八斗子車站 Tra Badouzi Station) has 25 stops departing from 圓山轉運站(玉門) Yuanshan MRT Station and ending in 八斗子車站 TRA Badouzi Station. Several connections across trains and buses are required. Here is a sample itinerary to use from Google Maps.

How to Get to Badouzi by Train

Taking a train to Badouzi is convenient for visitors coming from most areas in Northern Taiwan. Visitors arriving by train will be taking the newly restored Shenao Branch Railway (深澳支線). But first, visitors must get to Ruifang (瑞芳).

One way this can be achieved is by taking the regular 1061 or 1062 bus from Zhongxiao-Fuxing MRT in central Taipei to Ruifang Train Station (瑞芳車站). This bus costs $83ntd.

A second, quicker way is to take any express train from Taipei Main Station going towards Yilan County. Get off at Ruifang Train Station and connect onto the Shenao Branch Railway (海科館火車站). This train actually starts in Jingtong (菁桐), so you’ll be boarding this train for only a few stops.

This train departs 8 times daily on weekends and has been extended to 10 times daily on Saturday and Sunday. Badouzi TRA Station (八斗子火車站) is the terminus station for this rail line. Visitors can get off, one stop early, at Haikeguan (海科館) or at Badouzi (八斗子). Haikeguan is less than 10 minutes from Ruifang; Badouzi is an additional two-minute train ride. Haikeguan is closer to Wanghai Xiang Fishing Port, but further away from the preferred SUP launch. Depending on where your SUP activity is taking place, visitors can choose which station is more convenient. For a great historical overview of the local train network and culture, visit Steven Crook’s 2018 article.

History of Badouzi (八斗子) & Wanghaixiang (望海巷)

Badouzi is located southeast of Heping Island in Keelung. Originally an isolated island it became more like a peninsula after a power plant was built on the island. This has made the famous Wangyou Valley and Badouzi Coastal Park more accessible than it was before.

The Badouzi Fishing Port was first officially established in 1975. It is considered one of the largest fishing ports in northern Taiwan. Fishing huts are seen dotting the shore line throughout the village next to the port. The area is well-known for fish-processing. The marine harvests here include squid, silver anchovies, big-eye herrings, gelidium amansii (a red algae) and flying-fish.

Chaojing Park was originally a garbage collection site for the local municipalities. Later, the Marine Science and Technology Museum became engaged in the planning and reconstruction of the area. It has now became a popular site for diving and SUP boarding for local residents and visitors. 

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