SUP Boarding in Longdong (龍洞)

This article briefly covers the local environment, weather, transportation, and attractions, as well as other essential details you need to go SUP Boarding in Longdong (龍洞), Taiwan.

Aerial photo of clear waters and rocky outcrops of a group while SUP boarding in Longdong.

Introduction to SUP Boarding in Longdong (龍洞)

The coastlines around Longdong are some of the most spectacular in Northern Taiwan. With the area’s crystal clear waters, rugged coastline or distinct sandstone cliffs, there are seemingly endless outdoor adventures available. Visitors flock to Longdong for the rock climbing, hiking, diving or SUP boarding. Around every twist, turn and corner, there is something for outdoor lovers to enjoy. 

Located in Gongliao District (貢寮區) about 47 km east of Taipei, Longdong is a very accessible destination. A small fishing village, Longdong is renowned for its rugged, sandstone headlands that jut out into the Pacific Ocean.

A group lies on their boards in front of the beautiful coastline while SUP boarding in Longdong.

Longdong, translated as “Dragon Cave” (龍洞), is a scenic bay carved by geological events occurring approximately 35 million years ago. The coastline bears a striking resemblance to a dragon, complete with steep cliffs and prominent sea caves.

In addition to being a popular destination for SUP, Longdong is a haven for rock climbing, swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, and hiking. There are also an increasing number of cafes, hostels, tour operators, and things to do in the Longdong area. 

SUP Boarding in Longdong 

There are a number of reasons that SUP boarding in Longdong has become increasingly popular. Perhaps the most compelling reason is because of the stunning backdrop and scenic views visitors have atop a SUP board. “Dragon Cave” is the largest and, arguably, most diverse bay in northern Taiwan. Visitors can overlook a small fishing village under the mountains while paddling. If you have skilled paddling skills and the weather permits , you can even paddle out of the bay through various rock features and watch climbers tackle the world-class Longdong rock climbing!

A women explores the rocky shoreline while SUP boarding in Longdong.

The contrast between the imposing sandstone cliffs and the windswept, yet lush green of the surrounding mountains make Dragon Cave in Longdong one of the best SUP boarding destinations in Taiwan.

Where to Go SUP Boarding in Longdong

Most of the SUP boarding groups or individuals launch at various locations along the northwestern coast of Longdong Bay. One particularly popular launch location is here, at the western end of the large bay. While there seems to be parking spots here, there is actually no public parking allowed. That said, it can be used to drop off gear and then drive on to find free parking here, behind the Coast Guard Administration building, or at 龍洞灣海洋公園大型車停車場. There are also public washrooms available here. There are convenient steps down onto a mixed sandy/rocky beach with little swell most of the time. 

A group exploring the coastline while SUP Boarding in Longdong

Best Time to Go SUP Boarding in Longdong (龍洞)

Like many of the other popular SUP destinations in northern Taiwan, SUP boarding in Longdong mostly takes place between June and October. During this time the water temperatures average 28°C (or around 83℉). That said, it is also Typhoon season in Taiwan, so visitors will have to keep an eye on the local weather (see below).

During the late springtime (May & June) in Taiwan, water temperatures start to warm up, however, outdoor activities can be impacted by the region’s Plum Rains (​​梅雨). These are typically rainy months or feature periods of rain throughout the day.

While the water temperatures allow for SUP boarding all year, the winter season brings waves to the north and northeast coasts. In some cases, these waves can disrupt a SUP boarding experience. November to April is considered low-season for SUP Boarding in Northern Taiwan and the average ocean water temperatures range between 20-22°C (or  68-72℉). 

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How to Get to Longdong (龍洞)

Instructor paddles his SUP board along the coasts of Longdong.

How to Get to Longdong by Car

From Taipei Main Station, Longdong is about 47km east of Taipei and would take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour driving during non-peak traffic periods. You can expect this time to increase on weekends or holidays, and during rush-hour traffic. There is both free and paid parking options in the area.

  1. Free parking in Longdong is available here – Located behind the Coast Guard’s administrative building. It is about a 200m walk to our preferred launch location for SUP boarding in Longdong.
  2. Paid parking in Longdong is available here – They charge by the passengers in your vehicle. The fees are $100/adults and $80/child. It is a 10-minute walk to our preferred launch location.

How to Get to Longdong by Public Transportation

Longdong is relatively well-serviced by public transportation. It takes between 1 hour to around 2 hours depending on the time of day, the route, and the form of transportation. 

How to Get to Longdong by Train & Bus

Long Dong is accessible by public transportation and should take between 1 hour to around 2 hours depending on the time of day, the route and the form of transportation taken. 

  1. Option 1 (maybe the most popular!): Take Kuo Kuang Long Distance Buses #1811 or #1812 from Taipei Main Station direct to Longdong.
    • The pick-up location is here. These buses depart from Taipei Main Station five times a day (Bus #1811 departs 08:50, 17:40, 20:20 and bus #1812 departs at 14:20). On a popular weekend, the 08:50 bus fills up. Get there early to avoid disappointment.
  2. Option 2: Take a Taiwan Train (TRA) to Ruifang Station (瑞芳車站) and transfer to the Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus 856 to Longdong Bay Ocean Park stop.
    • Train ticket price (from Taipei Main Station) = NT$49 (regular) or $79 (express) | Bus ticket price =  NT$50 (for a one-day pass unlimited jump-on-jump-off service)
  3. Option 3: Take TRA to Keelung Station and walk to this bus stop location. Take Keelung Bus 791 to Longdong Bay Ocean Park stop. 
    • Train ticket price (from Taipei Main Station) = NT$41 (regular) or $64 (express) | Bus ticket price =  NT$60 (one-way)

Geological & Ecological Significance of Longdong (龍洞)

Not only is the Longdong Bay area visually stunning. The area belongs to one of Taiwan’s 10 Geoparks, a local designation enshrined in Taiwan law in 2016. The Bitou-Longdong Geopark makes up a stretch of coastline that is recognized for its unique and diverse geological landscapes. This includes both Longdong Cape’s ancient sandstone walls and Bitou Cape’s sea-eroded landforms. The rugged coastline sea cliffs, undercut bluffs, and platforms are more fully developed here than anywhere else in Taiwan. Exploring the coastline between Longdong and Bitou is an adventure in-and-of-itself. From mush-room-shaped rocks, honeycombed rocks, tofu (bean curd) rocks, and marine fossils, all make this an outstanding natural geological adventure.


These features set a perfect backdrop for some of Taiwan’s most beautiful coastal SUP boarding experiences. 

For those looking to get under the water, Longdong’s ocean ecological diversity is well-known and awe-inspiring. Above water, Longdong’s coastline boasts dramatic rock formations, sea caves, and crystal-clear waters. Below water, the area is a marine sanctuary, teeming with vibrant coral reefs, diverse fish species, and marine life. Snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts flock here to explore this underwater wonderland.

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