Surfing in Jinzun (金樽)

This article briefly covers the local environment, weather, transportation, and attractions, as well as all the other essential details you need to go surfing in Jinzun (金樽) in Eastern Taiwan.

Introduction to Jinzun (金樽)

Located in Donghe Township, Jinzun is, hands-down, one of the best surf spots in Taiwan. The area gets its name after its bay that is shaped like an ancient Chinese wine glass. Jinzun features a three-kilometer, sandy beach that is framed by a stunning shoreline. With its unique coastal landscape, strong swells, and long breaking waves, Jinzun has become a surfing mecca, attracting countless surfers from Taiwan and abroad.

While somewhat difficult to get to, this surfing destinations has become famous by the World Surf League QS event held here every November. The competition is called the “Taiwan Open of Surfing,” and attracts surfers from all over the world to compete. Beginning in 2017, the WSL began holding the Taiwan Open World Longboard Championships at Jinzun.

Jinzun raised its standards again in 2018, when it hosted the “World Junior Surfing Championships.” It was the first time that Taiwan had hosted “Double World Championships,” and was also the first time since the establishment of the WSL that there were two world championships taking place in the same venue.

Surfing in Jinzun (金樽)

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Beach Facing:

Wave Type:
Point Break


Wave Direction:
Left & Right

Best Tide:

Best Swell Direction:
E / NE / S / SE

Best Wind Direction:
Northwest / North

Intermediate +

Booking a Surf Tour (Coming Soon)

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Where to Go Surfing in Jinzun (金樽)

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Best Time to Go Surfing in Jinzun (金樽)

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Weather and Climate at Jinzun (金樽)

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How to Get to Jinzun (金樽)

How to Get to Jinzun by Car

From Taipei Main Station, Jinzun Fishing Harbor is about 300km south of Taipei. The drive includes long stretches of driving along the stunning coast of eastern Taiwan.

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Parking in Jinzun (金樽)

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How to Get to Jinzun (金樽) by bus

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