Taiwan’s Best Cycling Climbs

There is a reason Taiwan has a reputation as one of the best cycling destinations on Earth. From beautiful ocean-side riding to river-side rambles, from quaint villages and (in many cases) pristine pavement, cycling in Taiwan offers something for every cyclist.

The country is also a mountainous one. It has some 270 peaks over 3,000m, making it one of the highest concentrations of 3,000m peaks in the world. This means cyclists will find more hill climbs than they can feast on.

It seems only logical, in a country famous for its bicycle industry, that we’re setting out to create a prominent list of the Best Cycling Climbs in Taiwan. Move over Bai Yue (百岳) (Taiwan’s Official List of the Top 100 Mountain Climbs).

Are you a cyclist looking to visit Taiwan? Are you a resident currently living in Taiwan and looking for a curated list of the best hill climbs for cyclists in Taiwan? This is the list

Best Cycling Climbs for Road Biking in Taiwan

#001 – Wuling aka “KOM”

The most iconic of Taiwan’s cycling climbs is the Taiwan KOM (King of the Mountains). Locally known as ‘Wuling’, which refers to the location of the summit at 3,275m.

#002 – Puli to Wuling (West)

This is a rite of passage for many cyclists in Taiwan. It starts at the center of the island at 500 meters in Puli, and finishes at 3275 meters above sea level at Wuling.

#003 – South Cross (East Approach)

It’s arguable that South Cross-Island Highway (Provincial Highway No. 20) is the best for cycling in Taiwan, with amazing scenery, low traffic & road surface quality.

#004 – South Cross (West Approach)

Located in Taoyuan, approximately 2 hours from Taipei, Dongyan (aka East Eye) Mountain is a forested hike with views of Taipei on a clear day.

#005 – Alishan (No. 18)

Cycling in Alishan is one for the ages. Ride past countless tea farms and through Alishan National Forest on this epic 96km mountain route.

#006 – Tatajia

Get ready! This route offers superb scenery, gradients that are not knee-breaking, and countless switchbacks. Cycling this route seems like a top-notch streaming TV series.

Cycling North Cross Highway in Taiwan - TaiwanOutdoors.com - Cycling Tours in Taiwan 4

#007 – North Cross (East Approach)

This may be the most challenging cycling route in Taiwan. But the rewards are worth it as you ride up the spine of Taiwan and Central Mountain Range.

#008 – Guanwu

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#009 – No. 3

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#010 – North Cross (from Sanxia)

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#011 – TBD

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#012 – TBD

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