Taiwan’s National Forests (國家森林遊樂區)

Discover the wonders of nature in Taiwan’s National Forests, like the endangered Pangolin seen in Dongyanshan National Forest.

Exploring Taiwan’s National Forests

Taiwan’s National Forests are one of the best-kept secrets on the island. These projected areas offer visitors outdoor recreational access to some of the most unique and stunning natural areas in Taiwan. Planning a visit to Taiwan’s National Forests just got a lot easier with our dedicated guides to each of 19 National Forest Recreation Areas.

As a result of the growing demand for outdoor recreational activities and the need to protect fragile ecosystems, in 1965 Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau and the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency began developing forest recreation sites.

Open to the public to enjoy hiking, forest bathing, birdwatching, and other non-intrusive outdoor recreational activities, Taiwan’s network of National Forest Recreation Areas now spans the entire country. These specially protected areas allow visitors and residents to enjoy the natural beauty of Taiwan and aim to bring people closer to nature.

Below you will find and read dedicated features on each of Taiwan’s National Forests:

Taiwan’s 19 National Forests

Manyueyuan National Forest 滿月圓

Running alongside Ruizai Creek (蚋仔溪), Manyueyuan National Forest is 1 1/2 hours south of Taipei and filled with wildlife such as Macaques, butterflies, frogs, and snakes.

Dongyanshan National Forest 東眼山

Dongyanshan National Forest is located in Taoyuan and features a mix of intermediate and beginner trails. This protected area is popular with birdwatchers.

Waterfalls at Neidong National Forest in Wulai District of Taiwan.

Neidong National Forest

Located only an hour south of Taipei, Neidong National Forest is a perfect half-day trip filled with lush forests and waterfalls.

Taipingshan National Forest has many relics from it's logging past.

Taipingshan National Forest 太平山

Take the less-traveled road to hike Yushan North Peak (玉山北峰 – 3,858m) roughly 200m below the final summit of Jade Mountain’s Main Peak.

Lalashan National Forest is Taiwan's newest national forest.

Lalashan National Forest

Lalashan National Forest is the most recent addition to Taiwan’s National Forest Network and features the largest remaining ancient Cypress tree grove.

Guanwu National Forest is remote with unique features.

Guanwu National Forest

Located deep in the central mountains of Miaoli County, Guanwu offers epic views, waterfalls, and ancient trees. Visitors can overnight at the unique Guanwu Villas.

Daxueshan National Forest features stunning forest trails and is a popular birding destination.

Daxueshan National Forest 大雪山

Daxueshan is located in Taichung and transcends several climates making it a remarkable destination and perfect for birding, hiking and wildlife viewing. 

Baxianshan National Forest is a perfect location for birding or intermediate level mountaineering

Baxianshan National Forest 八仙山

Baxianshan is a paradise for mountain birds and mammals. Explore shorter trails or tackle the highest of the famous Seven Heroes of Guguan hiking trail.

Aowanda National Forest is located in Nantou County. This park is famous for its Maple tree and one of the largest suspension bridges in Taiwan.

Aowanda National Forest

Aowanda National Forest is located in Nantou County. This park is famous for its Maple tree and one of the largest suspension bridges in Taiwan.

Wuling National Forest is located in Snow Mountain National Park. A beautiful protected area in central Taiwan.

Wuling National Forest

Wuling is located in Taichung. Snow Mountain National Park. Visitors come for the views and to see the famous Formosan Landlocked Salmon

Hiking along Hehuanshan's North Peak in Taiwan's Highest National Forest.

Hehuanshan National Forest 合歡山

When it comes to visiting high mountains, Hehuanshan is a perfect choice. This National Forest was Taiwan’s, established as early as 1963

Alishan National Forest mountain train

Alishan National Forest

Famous for its unique mountain train, Alishan National Forest is Taiwan’s most iconic protected area and a spectacular destination for day trips and overnights. 

Views across Liyu Lake in Hualien from Chihnan National Forest

Chihnan National Forest

Chinan National Forest is located on the mountain slopes to the east of Liyu Lake in Hualien. Explore the prestine forests and enchanting mountain and lake views.

Fuyuan National Forest is a perfect destination for bird and butterfly watching.

Fuyuan National Forest

Perfect for bird and butterfly-watching Fuyuan National Forest features great mountain trails as well asLong-Ying Suspension Bridge and Fuyuan Waterfalls.

Newly opened Tengjhih National Forest trail

Tengjhih National Forest

Coming Soon.

Xiangyang National Forest is located in Taitung and is within the high mountains of Taiwan

Xiangyang National Forest 向陽

Coming Soon.

Jhihben National Forest is a scenic and serene national Forest.

Jhihben National Forest

Coming Soon.

Shuanliu National Forest  waterfalls

Shuangliu National Forest 雙流

Coming Soon.

Kenting National Forest is a unique ecological site with Banyan Trees and coral cliffs.

Kenting National Forest

Coming soon.

Taiwan’s Bai Yue

Discover Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountain Peaks above 3,000m. Selected for their cultural and geographic significance, these peaks are some of the most iconic on the island.

Taiwan’s Historic Trails

Taiwan’s Historic Trails crisscross the island and are fantastic reminders of the storied past as well as the vibrant future of migration and outdoor recreation.

Management of Taiwan’s National Forests

In 2023, Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau was renamed as Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency (FANCA), part of the larger Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). To strengthen the management of Taiwan’s national forests, the newly formed FANCA consolidated the Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture (COA) and the Forest Conservation and Management Administration of Veterans Affairs Council (VAC). The FANCA is responsible for Taiwan’s forests management, utilization, recreation, and the conservation of land-area ecosystem, and in charge of developments and implementations of related policies.

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