Surfing in Northern Taiwan

Surfing in Northern Taiwan has been a popular water sport for many years, but recently its been growing significantly. This is partially due to the improved transportation infrastructure and the growing appreciation of local Taiwanese for water-based and beach experiences. Surfing in Northern Taiwan takes places along the coastlines of New Taipei City and Yilan County.

Depending on the location, as well as the weather and surf conditions, the surfing in Northern Taiwan is suitable for all skill sets. While some breaks are more suitable for long boards, when the storm swells are just right there are plenty of spots for experienced short board riders to get their kicks too. From the golden beaches and long right breaks of Fulong Beach to the rocky shores and southern, powerful breaks of Honeymoon Bay; surfing in Northern Taiwan offers a surfing experience for all.

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Surfing in Northern Taiwan


Zhongjiao Bay in Jinshan is the closest surf destination to Taipei. The new facilities at make this destination more convenient. When conditions are right, Jinshan is a great ride, but frequently waves are small or close out.


Fulong is one of Northern Taiwan’s more popular destinations for beachgoers. For surfers, there are two beaches, with the better surfing spot located next to the Dongxian Temple.

Wai'ao is possibly one of the most popular destinations for surfing in Northern Taiwan.

Wai’ao / Wushigong
外澳 / 烏石港

Wai’ao Beach (外澳沙灘) is a picturesque black sand beach located in Yilan County (宜蘭縣). Despite being one of the busiest surf spots in Taiwan, Wai’ao offers great surfing for all with both left and right breaks .

Daxi is one of the original destinations for surfing in Northern Taiwan.

Daxi / Honeymoon Bay
大溪 / 蜜月灣

Daxi has been a popular surfing destination in northern Taiwan for longer than other surf destinations in Northern Taiwan. The crescent shaped bay offers some of the best and most consistent surf breaks along the east coast of Taiwan. (Coming Soon)

Image of Su'ao bay, one of Taiwan's lesser known destination s for surfing in Northern Taiwan.

Su’ao / Wuwei Harbor
蘇澳 / 無尾港

Talk about accessibility! Jump on Taipei’s super clean and efficient Metro and rent a board or join a SUP group in Bitan Scenic Area! You don’t have to leave Taipei to have an adventure in Taiwan! (Coming Soon)

The tip of a surf board looking out from one of the destinations while  surfing in Northern Taiwan.

More Destinations
(Coming Soon)

There are several other surf destinations in Northern Taiwan and we’ll be including details about them shortly.

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