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Cycling in Taiwan

Cycling in Taiwan is a big deal. Whether its epic mountain climbs, ocean views, or meandering rural roads, cycling has become one of Taiwan’s recreational pastimes. 

Hiking in Taiwan

Whether you’re looking for world-class, multi-day high mountain trekking experiences or epic day hikes to fill out your visit, hiking in Taiwan is a must-do activity.

Surfing in Taiwan

While surfing has been around for a while now in Taiwan, there is still a feeling of an emerging surfing scene here. Explore the nice beach and point breaks with waves for all surfing levels.

Diving in Taiwan

With some estimates putting the number of coral fish at 1,100 species, diving in the waters around Taiwan allows for swimming with approximately 60% of the world’s hard and soft coral species. 

Birding in Taiwan

From casual birding to more hardcore birdwatching, Taiwan has on over 80 endemic subspecies and species found in the forests, alpine mountains, wetlands, and city parks throughout the island.

Night Hiking in Taiwan

When the sun goes down, the adventures don’t stop. The jungles teem with insects, reptiles and amphibians. Taiwan is a must-visit destination for herpetology hobbyists, and night hiking beginners! 

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