Surfing in Eastern Taiwan

Surfing in Eastern Taiwan is arguably the best surfing on the Island. The East Coast of Taiwan consists of two counties, Hualien and Taitung. Much of the coastline along this part of Taiwan is a narrow stretch of land pinched between the rugged coastal mountains and the Philippine Sea (or more generally, the Pacific Ocean).

From Jiqi in Hualien all the way down the coast, the waters are warmer, the waves are more consistent and the breaks are more defined. Surfing in Eastern Taiwan takes the cake with the best surf spots in Taiwan.

While the surfing in Eastern Taiwan has options for most skill sets. Compared to some surfing destinations in Northern Taiwan, these waves are more suited for surfers with a bit of experience.

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Surfing in Eastern Taiwan


Jici Beach in Hualien County is a lesser popular surf spot in Taiwan and is a beach break good for beginners. The waves here are the best, but can come alive on a SE typhoon swell.

Baxian Dong

Baxian Dong, a.k.a. Eight Immortals Cave, is a left-handed point break that is formed by an adjacent river mouth. These waves, and entry into them, are not suitable for beginners. (Coming Soon)


Donghe is one of the most consistent quality surf spots in Taiwan, as it gets a constant stream of swell during the winter. Donghe offers a left and a right, both very consistent. (Coming Soon)


With its unique coastal landscape, strong swells, and long breaking waves, Jinzun has become a surfing mecca, attracting countless surfers from Taiwan and abroad.

Image of Su'ao bay, one of Taiwan's lesser known destination s for surfing in Northern Taiwan.


More details coming soon.

More Destinations
(Coming Soon)

More surfing destinations in Eastern Taiwan coming soon.

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