#007 – Hongdanshan (紅淡山)

Hongdanshan (紅淡山) is listed at #007 of the Xiao Bai Yue (小百岳). Located in Ren’ai District (仁愛區) in Keelung City (基隆市), Hongdanshan is located less than 15 drive from downtown Keelung or less than a one hour drive from Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city.

This is a fantastic family hike with great views of Keelung and surrounding area!

Mt. Dabajian Peaks Route 大霸群峰

Located in northeast corner of Sheipa National Park (雪霸國家公園), the Mt. Dabajian Peaks Route (大霸群峰) is without question one of the most iconic, popular, and beautiful high mountain trekking routes in Taiwan.

#005 – Guanyinshan (觀音山)

Guanyinshan) (觀音山) is listed at #005 of the Xiao Bai Yue (小百岳), Taiwan’s top 100 suburban hikes.

Located in Wugu District (五股區), New Taipei City (新北市), Guanyinshan is easily accessible by car and public transit and offers stunning views of Damshui River and surrounding mountains.

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#002 – Qixingshan (七星山)

Qixingshan) (七星山) is listed at #002 of the Xiao Bai Yue (小百岳). Located in Beitou District (北投區), Taipei (臺北市), Taiwan. Qixingshan (七星山) is located less than 1 hour north of downtown Taipei. This mountain peak is visible from most of Taipei.

#001 – Datunshan – (大屯山)

Datun Mountain (or Datunshan) (大屯山) is listed at #001 of the Xiao Bai Yue (小百岳). Located in Yangmingshan National Park in the northwestern part of Taiwan. The site actually sits within Beitou District of Taipei City. Datunshan is located about 1 hour north from central Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city.

#004 -Gangziliaoshan (槓子寮山)

Gangziliao Mountain (槓子寮山) is listed at #004 of the Xiao Bai Yue (小百岳). Located in Xinyi District (信義區) just east of Keelung City (基隆市) in northern Taiwan.

Keelung is a coastal port city located between 30 minutes to 1 hour northeast of Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei.

#034 – Jiali Mountain (加里山)

Jialishan (加里山) is one of Taiwan’s top 100 suburban hiking trails. This is a challenging trail that requires some level of climbing capabilities. This is a perfect day trip (albeit a bit long) from Taipei or Taichung.

#006 – Keelung Mountain (基隆山)

Keelung Mountain (基隆山) – Listed as #006 on Taiwan’s top 100 suburban hiking trails known as Xiao Bai Yue (小百岳. This trail is a great day trip and easily accessible from Taoyuan, Taipei and New Taipei City.