Surfing in Taiwan by Region

Wai'ao Beach aerial shot. One of the most popular surf destinations in Taiwan.

Surfing in Taiwan has grown tremendously in the past few decades. However, even with a population of 24 million, Taiwan still remains one of the least crowded surfing destinations in Asia (although this is changing quickly). Most of the surf destinations in Taiwan have been found and as the sport grows in popularity, the waters are getting more crowded. This page provides links to dedicated pages for surfing in Taiwan by region. If you’re looking for an overview of what surfing is like in Taiwan, check our Ultimate Guide to Surfing in Taiwan.

Regardless of where you plan to visit in Taiwan, there’s an option for surfing (except the center of the island of course!). The majority of the best surf destinations in Taiwan are located along the east coast. Northern Taiwan, while featuring cooler temperatures, are the most accessible. While Taiwan doesn’t have big waves per se, the surfing, combined with amazing cultural experiences, local culinary delights and other adventures, makes adventures here world-class.

To help visitors discover surf destinations in Taiwan we’ve started by showcasing the different regions of Taiwan. Each region features operators that can help you rent a surf board, plan a surf holiday, or book a lesson.

Click on the region below and get started planning your next adventure in Taiwan.

Surf Destinations in Taiwan By Region

Northern Taiwan

Despite cooler temperatures and more variable weather, these destinations have some of the most accessible and fun surf destinations in Taiwan. Surf spots include New Taipei City, Yilan County, Taoyuan, and Hsinchu County. 

Eastern Taiwan

Eastern Taiwan includes two counties, Hualien and Taitung. It faces the vast Pacific Ocean on the East Coast and has the best and most consistent waves on the island.

Southern Taiwan

This region is sub-tropical and hot. Fair weather surfers will love surf destinations found in Southern Taiwan. This region includes Pingtung, Kaohsiung, and Tainan.

Surfer practicing surfing on a rental board. Many surf destinations in Taiwan have surf board rentals.

Surf Rentals in Taiwan

Already know how to surf, but need a hand finding a place to rent a board? There are lots of locations across Taiwan to rent surfboards and we found reliable operators in each of Taiwan’s surf destinations to help. (Coming soon)

Learning to surf is possible at surf destinations across Taiwan.

Surf Lessons in Taiwan

Looking for surfing lessons in Taiwan? We’ve compiled the best resources on the Internet to help you find a capable surf coach in Taiwan. (Coming Soon)

Couple entering the water with surf boards. Pick a surf destination in Taiwan.

Surfing Tours in Taiwan

Got your own gear but want to book a surfing holiday in Taiwan? We’ve scoured the Internet to find you the best operators to make this dream come true. (Coming Soon)

Check out the entire four tourism regions on the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s website.

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