Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains – The Bai Yue (百岳)

The forests of Dongyang Mountain (東眼山) in Taoyuan are abundant with bird and wildlife. .

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Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains are locally known as the Taiwan’s Baiyue (臺灣百岳). They were selected by a group of distinguished Taiwanese hikers from mountain peaks known at the time to be over 3,000 meters in height. The selection criteria used by this group were not simply height and difficulty. In fact, the criteria included more qualitative characteristics such as uniqueness, beauty and prominence. So when referring to Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains, the word “Top” does not refer strictly to the highest peaks by elevation, but rather peaks most worthy of hiking. 

It is believed that Taiwan has one of the highest densities of tall mountains in the world. To promote mountain hiking, the Taiwan Alpine Association began developing a list of top 100 peaks in Taiwan. In collaboration with other prominent hikers of the day, Wen-An Lin set about drawing up the list. Upon completion of the list, hiking the Baiyue immediately became one of the primary goals of avid hikers in Taiwan. Finishing the Baiyue is no easy task, however.  It is estimated that there are in fact over 260 mountain peaks that reach over 3,000 meters in Taiwan. While there has been some criticism in the past over the inclusion of some peaks and the exclusion of others, there is no doubt that this list features some of the best hiking and mountaineering in Asia.

Are you an adrenalin junkie looking for your next adventure? If that’s you Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains should be on your adventure travel bucket list.

List of Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains (Bai Yue / 百岳)
Bai Yue Rank
Mountain Name EnglishMountain Name ChineseElevation (m)
Route EnglishRoute
National Park EnglishNational Park Chinese
1Mt. Jade (Yushan)玉山 3952Jade Mountain Peaks Route玉山群峰Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
2Mt. Xue (Snow Mountain)雪山 3886Snow Mountain Peaks Route雪山群峰Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
3Mt. Jade East Peak玉山東峰 3874Jade Mountain Peaks Route玉山群峰Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
4Mt. Jade North Peak玉山北峰 3858Jade Mountain Peaks Route玉山群峰Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
5Mt. Jade South Peak玉山南峰 3852Jade Mountain Peaks Route玉山群峰Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
6Mt. Xiougulan秀姑巒山 3829Mabolasi Traverse馬博橫斷Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
7Mt. Mabolasi馬博拉斯山 3776Mabolasi Traverse馬博橫斷Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
8Mt. Nanhuda南湖大山 3741North First Section北一段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
9Mt. Dongxiaonan東小南山3709Jade Mountain Peaks Route玉山群峰Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
10Mt. Xue North Peak雪山北峰 3703Snow Mountain Peaks Route雪山群峰Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
11Mt. Zhongyangjian中央尖山 3698North First Section北一段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
12Mt. Guan關山 3668South First Section南一段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
13Mt. Dashuiku大水窟山 3643South Second Section南二段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
14Mt. Nanhuda East Peak南湖大山東峰 3639North First Section北一段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
15Mt. Dongjunda 東郡大山3617South Third Section南三段N/A N/A
16Mt. Qilai North Peak 奇萊山北峰3606North Third Section 北三段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
17Mt. Xiangyang向陽山3603South Second Section南二段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
18Mt. Dajian 大劍山3593Daxiaojian Peaks Route大小劍線Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
19Yunfeng 雲峰3562South Second Section南二段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
20Mt. Qilai Main Peak 奇萊主山3562North Third Section北三段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
21Mt. Malijianan 馬利加南山3561Mabolasi Traverse馬博橫斷Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
22Mt. Nanhubei 南湖北山3534North First Section北一段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
23Mt. Daxue 大雪山3530Snow Mountain West Ridge雪山西稜Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
24Mt. Pintian 品田山3528Wuling Sixiu Peaks Route武陵四秀線Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
25Mt. Jade West Peak 玉山西峰3512Jade Mountain Peaks Route玉山群峰Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
26Mt. Touying 頭鷹山3509Snow Mountain West Ridge雪山西稜Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
27Mt. Nanhuda South Peak 南湖大山南峰3505North First Section北一段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
28Mt. Sancha 三叉山3496South Second Section南二段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
29Mt. Dabajian 大霸尖山3490Mt. Daba Peaks Route大霸群峰Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
30Mt. Dongluanda 東巒大山3479South Third Section南三段N/AN/A
31Mt. Wuming 無明山3449North Second Section北二段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
32Mt. Baba 巴巴山3448North First Section北一段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
33Mt. Maxi 馬西山3443Mabolasi Traverse馬博橫斷Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
34Mt. Hehuan North Peak 合歡山北峰3422Hehuan Peaks Route合歡群峰Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
35Mt. Xiaobajian 小霸尖山3419Mt. Daba Peaks Route大霸群峰Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
36Mt. Hehuan East Peak 合歡山東峰3419Hehuan Peaks Route合歡群峰Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
37Mt. Hehuan Main Peak 合歡山主峰3417Hehuan Peaks Route合歡群峰Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
38Mt. Nanyu 南玉山3379Jade Mountain Peaks Route玉山群峰Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
39Mt. Bilu 畢祿山3370North Second Section北二段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
40Mt. Zhuosheda 卓社大山3368Ganzhouwan Traverse干卓萬橫斷  N/AN/A
41Mt. Nanshuangtou 南雙頭山3359South Second Section南二段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
42Mt. Qilai South Peak 奇萊山南峰3357North Third Section北三段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
43Mt. Nenggao South Peak 能高山南峰3348North Third Section  北三段N/AN/A
44Mt. Baiguda 白姑大山3341Baiguda Peaks Route白姑群峰N/AN/A
45Mt. Xinkang 新康山3338Xinkang Traverse新康橫斷Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
46Mt. Battongguan 八通關山3331Mabolasi Traverse馬博橫斷Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
47Mt. Danda 丹大山3329South Third Section南三段N/AN/A
48Mt. Tao 桃山3323Wuling Sixiu Peaks Route武陵四秀線Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
49Mt. Jiayang 佳陽山3314Daxiaojian Peaks Route大小劍線Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
50Mt. Huoshi 火石山3309Snow Mountain West Ridge雪山西稜Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
51Mt. Chiyou池有山3300Wuling Sixiu Peaks Route武陵四秀線Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
52Mt. Yize 伊澤山3296Mt. Daba Peaks Route大霸群峰Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
53Mt. Beinan Main Peak 卑南主山 3292South First Section南一段N/AN/A
54Mt. Zhijiayang Base Point Peak 志佳陽大山基點峰3285Zhijiayang Peaks Route志佳陽線Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
55Mt. Ganzuowan 干卓萬山3284Ganzhouwan Traverse干卓萬橫斷  N/AN/A
56Mt. Tailugeda 太魯閣大山3282Qilai East Ridge奇萊東稜Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
57Mt. Junda 郡大山3278Junda/Xiluanda Peaks Route郡大西巒 N/AN/A
58Mt. Kaxipanan 喀西帕南山3278Mabolasi Traverse馬博橫斷Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
59Mt. Lulu 轆轆山3278South Second Section南二段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
60Mt. Neilinger 內嶺爾山3275South Third Section南三段N/AN/A
61Mt. Lingming 鈴鳴山3272North Second Section北二段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
62Mt. Nenggao 能高山3261North Third Section北三段N/AN/A
63Mt. Huo 火山3257Ganzhouwan Traverse干卓萬橫斷N/AN/A
64Mt. Xiaojian 小劍山3256Daxiaojian Peaks Route大小劍線Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
65Mt. Yixiqingmazhi 義西請馬至山3252South Third Section南三段N/AN/A
66Mt. Xiaoguan小關山3249South First Section南一段N/AN/A
67Mt. Pingfeng屏風山3248North Third Section北三段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
68Mt. Wushuang Base Peak無雙山基點峰3243South Third Section 南三段N/AN/A
69 Mt. Mu牧山3241Ganzhouwan Traverse干卓萬橫斷N/AN/A
70Mt. Shimen石門山3236Hehuan Peaks Route合歡群峰Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
71Mt. Jade Front Peak 玉山前峰3233Jade Mountain Peaks Route玉山群峰Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
72Mt. Taguan塔關山3222South First Section南一段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
73Mt. Mabi 馬比杉山3211North First Section北一段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
74Mt. Tafenjian 塔芬尖山3206South Second Section南二段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
75Mt. Xue East Peak 雪山東峰3199Snow Mountain Peaks Route雪山群峰Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
76Mt. Nanhua 南華山3182North Third Section北三段N/AN/A
77Mt. Guanshangling 關山嶺山3176South First Section南一段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
78Mt. Hainuonan 海諾南山3173South First Section南一段N/AN/A
79Mt. Zhongxue 中雪山3172Snow Mountain West Ridge雪山西稜Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
80Mt. Shuan 閂山3168North Second Section北二段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
81Ganshu Peak 甘薯峰3157North Second Section北二段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
82Mt. Hehuan West Peak 合歡山西峰3144Hehuan Peaks Route合歡群峰Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
83Mt. Shenmazhen 審馬陣山3140North First Section北一段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
84Mt. Kalaye 喀拉業山3132Wuling Sixiu Peaks Route武陵四秀線Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
85Mt. Kuhuanuoxin 庫哈諾辛山3114South First Section南一段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
86Mt. Jiali 加利山3112Mt. Daba Peaks Route大霸群峰Shei-Pa National Park雪霸國家公園
87Mt. Baishi 白石山3106North Third Section北三段N/AN/A
88Mt. Panshi磐石山3105Qilai East Ridge奇萊東稜Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
89Mt. Patuolu 帕托魯山3102Qilai East Ridge奇萊東稜Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
90Mt. Beidawu 北大武山3091South First Section南一段N/AN/A
91Mt. Xiluanda 西巒大山3085Junda/Xiluanda Peaks Route郡大西巒N/AN/A
92Mt. Liwuzhu 立霧主山3071Qilai East Ridge奇萊東稜Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
93Mt. Tafen 塔芬山3070South Second Section南二段Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
94Mt. Andongjun 安東軍山3066North Third Section北三段N/AN/A
95Mt. Guangtou 光頭山3060North Third Section北三段N/A
96Mt. Yangtou 羊頭山3033North Second Section北二段Taroko National Park太魯閣國家公園
97Mt. Penju 盆駒山3030Mabolasi Traverse馬博橫斷Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
98Mt. Bulakesang 布拉克桑山3021Xinkang Traverse新康橫斷N/AN/A
99Mt. Liushun六順山3009South Third Section南三段N/AN/A
100Mt. Lu 鹿山2981Jade Mountain Peaks Route玉山群峰Yushan National Park玉山國家公園
Rating System – Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains (Bai Yue / 百岳 )
LevelDifficultyPath Activity Length
A (Level 6)Public HikingWell developed, signposted and marked1 ~ 3 days
A (Level 5)Mountain HikingContinuous route and passage marking.1 ~ 3 days
A+ (Level 4)Challenging Mountain HikingA footpath is usually available. Exposed places mostly secured with ropes or chains.1 ~ 3 days
B (Level 3)Professional Mountaineering (Easy)Path not necessarily available. Sometimes need to use hands to keep going.4~5 days or 1 ~ 3 days but includes dangers of falling.
C (Level 2)Professional Mountaineering (Medium)Often without a path. Individual, simple climbing sections.Above 5 days
C+ (Level 1)Professional Mountaineering (Difficult)Mostly without a path and unmarked. Climbing sections up to II.Above 5 days. Requires rappel and rock climbing.

Taiwan’s Routes of the Bai Yue

Jade Mountain National Park
Sheipa National Park
Taroko National Park
Jade Mountain Main Peak
Snow Mountain Main-East Peaks Route
Qilai North-Main Ridge
Jade Mountain Front Peaks
Daba Peaks Route
Bilu-Yangtou Ridge
Jade Mountain Rear Peaks
Wuling Quadruple/Wuling Sixiu Route
Nanhuda Peaks Route
BaDaXiu Route
DaXiaoJian Route
Qilai East Ridge
Xinkang Traverse
Mt. Zhijiayang
Jiaming Lake Route
Snow Mountain West Ridge
Mabolasi Traverse
The Holy Ridge
Central Mountain Range Sections
Central Mountain Range Sections
North First Section
Qilai-Nanhua Route
North Second Section Route
Hehuan Peaks
North Third Section/Nenggao Andongjun Route
Mt. Baiguda
South Third Section
Mt. Pingfeng
South Second Section
Mt. Liushun
South First Section
South Cross 3 Stars
N/AMt. Junda-Mt. Xiluanda Peaks

Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains (The Bai Yue)

#001: Jade Mountain

Standing tall at 3,952m, Jade Mountain (玉山), (aka Yushan) is not only the tallest mountain in Taiwan but also in East Asia. This is the crown jewel of Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains.

#002: Snow Mountain

Despite being the 2nd tallest mountain in Taiwan at 3,886m, there is no reason not to rank it as 1 of the best peaks in the country.

#003: Yushan East Peak 玉山東峰

Located past the main peak of Jade Mountain, East Peak (玉山東峰) is considered a thrilling subsidiary peak of Jade Mountain.

#004: Yushan North Peak 玉山北峰

Take the less-traveled road to hike Yushan North Peak (玉山北峰 – 3,858m) roughly 200m below the final summit of Jade Mountain’s Main Peak.

#005: Yushan South Peak 玉山南峰

At 3,852m, Yushan South Peak 玉山南峰, is one of the 9 peaks of Jade Mountain. Hiking to the 4 “rear” peaks is considerably harder, but allows for a visit to Taiwan’s highest mountain house.

#006: Mt. Xiugulan

Ranked at the C level (2nd highest difficulty level), the fifth of the ‘must-do’ mountains, Mt. Xiugulan (秀姑巒山) is on another level. Standing at 3,895m, it’s the highest mountain on the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan.

#007: Mt. Mabolasi

Mention Mt. Mabolasi (馬博拉斯山) in the hiking community and the reaction is one of awe. Found along the Mabolasi Traverse (馬博橫斷), this is one of the longest, most isolated, and most difficult in Taiwan.

#008: Nanhudashan

Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山) is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful peaks in Taiwan and is immortalized in Taiwan’s 2,000NT currency bill.

#009: Mt. Dongxiaonan

Mt. Dongxiaonan 東小南山 is one of the 4 “Rear” peaks of Jade Mountain, and is usually bagged with Yushan South Peak 玉山南峰 & Lushan 鹿山 on the 4-day rear peaks route.

#010: Snow Mt. North Peak 雪山北峰

Snow Mountain N. Peak (雪山北峰) lies on the north ridge of Snow Mountain’s Main Peak and rises up to 3,703m in height.

#011: Mt. Zhongyangjian

At 3,698m, Mt. Zhongyangjian (中央尖山) is considered one of the most dangerous & difficult mountains to climb. It’s also one of our favorites.

#012: Mt. Guan

At 3,668m, Mt. Guan (關山) is the highest peak in Southern Taiwan and is located on the South First Section (南一段) of the Central Mountain Range.

#013: Mt. Dashuiku

At 3,668m, Mt. Dashuiku 大水窟山 is located near the northern end of the South Second Section (南二段) and roughly translates as “Big Reservoir Mountain”.

#014: Mt. Nanhuda East Peak 南湖大山東峰

At 3,639m, the East Peak of Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山東峰) is surrounded by rocky gravel and scree, and is devoid of plant life.

#015: Mt. Dongjunda

Mt. Dongjunda 東郡大山 is 3,617m high and is located along one of the four hardest routes in Taiwan, The South Third Section (南三段) Route.

#016: Mt. Qilai North Peak 奇萊北峰

The ridge containing Mt. Qilai N. Peak (奇萊北峰), along with its sister peak, Mt. Qilai Main Peak (奇萊主峰), is arguably the most infamous ridge in Taiwan.

#017: Mt. Xiangyang

Stretching 3,603m high, the easiest and most common way for hikers to reach Mt. Xiangyang (向陽山) is via the famous Jiaming Lake Route (嘉明湖).

#018: Dajianshan

Normally hiked over 3 days, Mt. Dajian (大劍山) is 3,593m & translates to “Big Sword Mountain”. It is the highest peak on the DaXiaoJian Peaks Route (大小劍山).

#019: Yunfeng

Located on the South Second Section of the Central Mountain Range, “Cloud Peak” (Yun Feng (雲峰) is 3,562m tall.

#020: Mt. Qilai Main Peak 奇萊主峰

The Main Peak of Qilai Mountain (奇萊主峰) is located along the famous “Black Qilai” ridge, considered the most dangerous & deadly in Taiwan.

#021: Mt. Malijianan

The rocky peak of Mt. Malijiannan (馬利加南山) reaches 3,561m & is located halfway across the difficult Mabolasi Traverse (馬博橫斷).

#022: Mt. Nanhubei

Located in front of Five Rock Peak Cliffs, at 3,534m Mt. Nanhubei (南湖北山) is located on the North First Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北一段).

#023: Mt. Daxue

Located on the Snow Mountain West Ridge Route (雪山西稜), Mt. Daxue (大雪山), or “Big Snow Mountain” is both the highest and most beautiful peak on the route.

#024: Pintian

Located on the northwest corner of the Wuling Quadruple/Wuling Sixiu (武陵四秀), Mt. Pintian (品田山) is the highest, most thrilling peak on the route.

#025: Jade Mt. West Peak 玉山西峰

Commonly combined with the Main Peak, Yushan West Peak (玉山西峰) is a popular add-on peak for those wishing to explore the area around Jade Mountain.

#026: Mt. Touying

Literally translated as “Eagle Head” Mountain, Mt. Touying (頭鷹山) is the 2nd Bai Yue hikers reach on the famous Snow Mountain West Ridge Route (雪山西稜).

#027: Mt. Nahuda South Peak 南湖大山南峰

The South Peak of Mt. Nanhuda (南湖大山南峰) is 3,505m and is completed towards the end of the fourth day on the 7-day loop of the North First Section (北一段).

#028: Sanchashan

Mt. Sancha (三叉山) & Jiaming Lake can be hiked via different traditional Bai Yue routes, but the most common is the 3-day up-and-down route to the lake itself.

#029: Mt. Dabajian

With its distinctive barrel shape and its significant aboriginal importance, without a doubt, Mt. Dabajian (大霸尖山) is one of the most beautiful peaks in Taiwan.

#030: Mt. Dongluanda

The highest peak on The South Third Section (南三段), at 3,479m Mt. Dongluanda 東巒大山 is the highlight of the trip for many hikers.

#031: Mt. Wuming

At 3,449m Mt. Wuming (無明山), aka “No-Name” mountain, is on the North Second Section Route (北二段) and requires climbing up near vertical cliffs to reach it.

#032: Mt. Baba

At 3,448m, Mt. Baba (巴巴山) is typically hiked on a 6 or 7-day loop of the North First Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北一段).

#033 – Maxishan

Mt. Maxi (馬西山) reaches 3,443m high & is sandwiched between 2 of the most beautiful & isolated mountain valleys in Taiwan.

#034: Mt. Hehuan N. Peak 合歡山北峰

At 4,422m, Mt. Hehuan North Peak is insanely beautiful and an easy hike that is quite possibly the most popular Bai Yue in Taiwan.

#035: Mt. Xiaobajian

At 3,419m, hikers will walk over the famous ILOVEYOU platform, where local Taiwanese often spell out cute messages.

#036 – Hehuanshan E. Peak 合歡山東峰

One of the shortest of the Hehuan Peaks, this is a simple trail and at 3,419m is one of the most famous peaks for viewing alpine flowers in Taiwan.

#037: Mt. Hehuan

At 3,417m, This is one of the easiest of the peaks in the Hehuan Area, the trail is great peak for those making their first Bai Yue ascent.

#038: Mt. Nanyu

One of the 4 Bai Yue on the rear section of Jade Mountain, Mt. Nanyu (南玉山) is 3,379m and is the only isolated peak that requires a dedicated day to climb.

#039: Mt. Bilu

Known locally as 1 of the 4 “spicy” peaks, Mt. Bilu (畢祿山) is known as a challenging yet enjoyable entry-level Bai Yue. Mt. Bilu is located not far from the Mt. Hehuan area.

#040: Mt. Zhuosheda

Located on the notoriously difficult Ganzhouwan Traverse (干卓萬斷), Mt. Zhuosheda (3,369m) is the last of four peaks on one of the four hardest routes in Taiwan.

#041 Mt. Nanshuangtou

Mt. Nanshuangtou (南雙頭山) is a wide open, grassy peak with breathtaking views of Yushan National Park. A great high-mountain hiking peak in Taiwan.

#042 – Qilai South Peak

Unlike North & Main Peaks of Qilai, the South Peak of Mt. Qilai (奇萊南峰) is widely regarded as one of the easiest Bai Yue in Taiwan.

#043: Mt. Nenggao S. Peak 能高山南峰

Mt. Nenggao South Peak (能高南峰) is located on North 3rd Section of Central Mountain Range (北三段), aka the Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍).

#044: Mt. Baiguda

Located in the heart of Taiwan, Mt. Baiguda (白姑大山) is a relatively easy Bai Yue peak and suitable for most beginners.

#045: Mt. Xinkang

At 3,338m tall, Mt. Xinkang (新康山) is located at the east end of the route and is typically climbed on towards the end of the hike.

#046: Mt. Batongguan

Without a doubt, the Batongguan Ancient Road (八通關古道) is the longest and most famous ancient Japanese trail in Taiwan.

#047: Mt. Danda

Located along the Central Mountain Range, Mt. Danda (丹大山) is the 1st Bai Yue hiked (as a side trip) on the notoriously difficult South Third Section (南三段).

#048: Mt. Tao 桃山

On the north side of Sheipa National Park (雪霸國家公園), Mt. Tao (桃山) lies along Wuling Sixiu (武陵四秀), one of the most popular hiking routes in Taiwan.

#049: Mt. Jiayang

Located on the tough DaXiaoJian Route (大小劍山), at 3,314m high, Mt. Jiayang (佳陽山) is the first of two Bai Yue hiked as a side peak on the second day, with a light pack.

#050: Huoshi

Located on the West Ridge of Snow Mountain (雪山西稜), Mt. Huoshi’s (火石山) name translates to “Flint Mountain” due to the dark, gravely shale appearance.

#051: Mt. Chiyou

Located in Sheipa National Park (雪霸國家公園), Mt. Chiyou (池有山) is a short side trip off the main ridge-line of the famous Wuling Sixiu (武陵四秀) route.

#052: Mt. Yize

The 2nd peak on the Daba Peaks Route (大霸群峰), Mt. Yize (伊澤山) is a short side trip off the main trail, located not far from Zhongba Cabin (中霸山屋).

#053: Mt. Beinanzhu

Located at the southern end of the South First Section (南一段), Mt. Beinan (卑南主山) is the second most southerly of Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains.

#054: Zhijiayang

Located on the south side of Snow Mountain, hikers wishing to hike Mt. Zhijiayang (志佳陽大山) start from the aboriginal village of Huanshan (環山部落).

#055: Ganzhuowan

Reaching 3,284m, Mt. Ganzhouwan (干卓萬山 is a prairie peak with sparse bamboo that requires a grueling ascent and harrowing cliff section traverse just to reach.

#056: Mt. Taroko

While you may have heard of Taroko National Park and Taroko Gorge, very few are aware that there is also a mountain peak, Mt. Taroko (太魯閣大山).

#057: Mt. Junda

Isolated from any other major Bai Yue peaks, Mt. Junda (郡大山) is climbed in 1-day & generally requires hiring 4x4s to reach the trailhead.

#058: Mt. Kaxipanan

Mt. Kaxipanan (喀西帕南山) is the final and easternmost peak on the Mabolasi Traverse (馬博橫斷), and despite being on such a difficult route, is surprisingly easy to reach.

#059 – Lulushan

Mt. Lulu (轆轆山) and its corresponding East Peak, together form a pair of majestic and photogenic side-by-side peaks. For photographers, this will be a highlight.

#060 – Neilingershan

Described by one of the Bai Yue founding fathers as gentle & graceful, Mt. Neilinger (內嶺爾山) has been heralded as one of the most majestic grass peaks in Taiwan.

#061: Mt. Lingming

Described by the founder of the Bai Yue as a “beautiful, feminine mountain”, the grassland leading up to the peak of Mt. Lingming (鈴鳴山) confirms the reputation.

#062: Mt. Nenggao

Mt. Nenggao (能高主山) is 3261m and is located on the North Third Section of the Central Mountain Range (北三段), aka the Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍).

#063 – Huoshan

Surrounded by rivers and aboriginal communities, the name of Mt. Huo (火山) translates as “Fire Mountain” or “Volcano” due to the gravel located at the peak.

#064: Mt. Xiaojian

Literally translated as “Small Sword Mountain”, Mt. Xiaojian (小剑山) sits at 3,256m and is the partner peak of “Big Sword Mountain”, Mt. Dajian (大劍山).

#065: Mt. Yiqixingmazhi

Located in the heart of Taiwan’s high mountains, Mt. Yiqixingmazhi (義西請馬至山) is at the crossroads of the Central Mountain Range. A peak you won’t forget.

#066: Mt. Xiaoguan

The baby brother of Guanshan (關山), Mt. Xiaoguan (小關山) is 3,249m and is famous in its own right, most notably for its eponymous forest road.

#067: Mt. Pingfeng

Located at the west end of the famous Taroko Gorge, Mt. Pingfeng (屏風山) is a relatively isolated Bai Yue that doesn’t share its main trail with any other peaks.

#068: Mt. Wushuang

Requiring an eight-day trek from the east or a brutal 900m drop followed by a 1300m climb from the west, Mt. Wushuang (無雙山) might be the hardest of Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains.

#069: Mt. Mu

Mt. Mu (牧山) is 3,241m high and is located along the famous Ganzhouwan Traverse (干卓萬斷), and is famous for the large pond located just below the base of the peak.

#070: Mt. Shimen

Despite being 3,236m tall, without a doubt, Mt. Shimen (石門山) is the easiest Bai Yue in Taiwan and is reachable by just about anyone in 30 minutes or less.

#071: Jade Mt. Front Peak 玉山前峰

Reaching the rocky Jade Mt. Front Peak (玉山前山) at 3,233m requires climbing up a boulder field off the main trail heading up to Jade Mountain’s Main peak.

#072: Mt. Taguan

Located on the South Cross Highway, Mt. Taguan (塔關山) is 3,222m tall and was off-limits to hikers for 13 years due to a major landslide.

#073: Mt. Mabishan

Although Mt. Mabishan (馬比杉山) is technically a part of the 7-day loop around the North First Section, it isn’t technically on the route itself.

#074: Mt Tafenjian

The southern-most of Taiwan’s “Three Pointy Mountains, it is said that the peak of Mt. Tafenjian (達芬尖山), at 3,206m, resembles a slanted carving knife.

#075: Snow Mt. East Peak 雪山東峰

Located on the Eastern Ridge of Snow Mountain, Snow Mountain East Peak (雪山東峰) is on the main, and most popular trail to Snow Mountain’s Main Peak.

#076: Mt. Nanhua

Much like its sister peak, Mt. Qilai S. Peak (奇萊南峰), Mt. Nanhua (南華山) is located on the Nenggao Ancient Trail (能高越嶺古道), a gem among Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains.

#077: Mt. Guanshanling

Located only 700m from the trail with a 200m ascent, Mt. Guanshangling (關山嶺山) is the easiest and most accessible of the “3 Star” peaks along the south cross highway.

#078: Mt. Hainuonan

Positioned on the South First Section (南一段), it is common to see flying clouds flowing from the sea between Mt. Hainuonan (海諾南山 and Guanshan.

#079: Mt. Zhongxue

Mt. Zhongxue (中雪山), or “Middle Snow Mountain”, is the last Bai Yue Hikers will climb on the Snow Mountain West Ridge Route (雪山西稜).

#080: Mt. Shuan

Located on the North Second Section Route (北二段), Mt. Shuan (閂山) is often the first Bai Yue climbed by hikers and is the easiest peak on the route.

#081: Mt. Ganshu

Despite being on the tail-end of the notorious “Death Ridge”, Mt. Ganshu (甘薯峰), or “Sweet Potato Peak” is surprisingly inconspicuous.

#082: Mt. Hehuan W. Peak 合歡山西峰

Located several kilometers past the North Peak of Mt. Hehuan, Mt. Hehuan West Peak (合歡山西峰) is often the first challenging Bai Yue a hiker will experience.

#083: Mt. Shenmazhen 審馬陣山

Mt. Shenmazhen (審馬陣山) is located on the North First Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北一段), which runs in a giant loop over typically six or seven days

#084: Mt. Kalaye

Located just north of the southern end of the Wuling Sixiu (武陵四秀) route, Mt. Kalaye (喀拉業山) is hiked from Mt. Tao Cabin (桃山山屋).

#085: Mt. Kuhuanuoxin

The northernmost peak on the South First Section Route  (南一段), hikers will need to climb a seemingly endless series of stairs to get to this peak.

#086: Mt. Jiali

Located on the famous Daba Peaks Route (大霸群峰), Mt. Jiali reaches 3,112m high and will often be the first Bai Yue hikers to climb on their adventure.

#087: Mt. Baishi

Mt. Baishi (白石山) is located on the North Third Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北三段), also known as the Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍).

#088: Mt. Panshi

The wide, grassy prairies surrounding Mt. Panshi (磐石山) serve as a dividing line for the famously difficult Qilai East Ridge (奇萊東稜).

#089: Mt. Patulou

Located deep in one of the thickest and most difficult bamboo forests in Taiwan, Mt. Patulou (帕托魯山) is the final peak on the Qilai East Ridge (奇萊東稜).

#090: Mt. Beidawu

Make no mistake, the low elevation and southerly location of this “top 5” mountain belie the true difficulty of Mt. Beidawu (北大武山).

#091: Mt. Xiluanda

With its dilapidated weather station and observation deck, the peak of Mt. Xiluanda (西巒大山) offers some of the best views in Southern Taiwan.

#092: Mt. Liwuzhu

Mt. Liwuzhu (立霧主山) at 3,701m and on the Qilai East Route, is notable for the marble campsite located just below the peak.

#093: Mt. Tafen

With its pyramidical, cone-shaped peak and eponymous pond, Mt. Tafen (塔芬山) is one of the most famous peaks on the South Second Section (南二段).

#094: Mt. Andongjun

Mt. Andongjun (安東軍山) is located on the North Third Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北三段), aka the Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍).

#095: Mt. Guangtou

Mt. Guangtou (光頭山) is located on the North Third Section of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range (北三段), aka the Nenggao Andongjun Route (能高安東軍).

#096: Mt. Yangtou

Located on a saw-blade-shaped ridge deep in the Taroko Gorge, Mt. Yangtou (羊頭山), this “sheep’s head” shaped mountain is the birthplace of Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains, the Bai Yue.

#097: Mt. Penju

A side trip from the mighty Mt. Mabolasi, Mt. Penju (盆駒山) is surrounded by lush grass prairies and deer ponds.

#098: Mt. Bulakesang

Located not far past Jiaming lake, the side trip to Mt. Bulakesang (布拉克桑山) can best be described as mellow and peaceful.

#099: Mt. Liushun

Not located on any traditional hiking route in Taiwan, and previously graded at under 3,000m, Mt. Liushun (六順山) was the last mountain to be selected for Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains.

#100: Lushan

Despite being listed last of Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains, Lushan is still an epic climb. This is the only Bai Yue under 3,000m, Lushan (鹿山), or “Deer Mountain” is often lamented by hikers as a peak that needs to only be done once.

Many of Taiwan’s Top 100 Mountains (Bai Yue/ are located within Taiwan’s National Parks and require mountain permits to access.

For support in applying for high mountain permits, please send us an email

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